Hearing AIDS

Hearing aid bone conduction. The sound processor Baha® 5 Power (price in Euro)
The Baha 5 in softband
Soft bandage BAHA® SOFTBAND unilateral (price in Euro)
Soft bandage BAHA® SOFTBAND two-way (price in Euro)
Ear BAHA® SOUNDARC unilateral (price in Euro)
Ear BAHA® SOUNDARC bilateral (price in Euro)
A soft magnetic plate (24 pack). Price is in Euros
The batteries 312 type for Baha 5 (price in Euro)
Battery (Power one, Signia) type 675 implant plus power Baha 5 (price in Euro)
Magnet (2) for processors Baha (SP Magnet 2). Price is in Euros
Safety cord Baha (price in Euro)

dates for the next operation and of the Conference

Video and photos of the conferences

Necessary documents for registration of quotas for foreign treatment

Information for children without guardians with microtia and atresia

Success stories

Tahmina, 7
Congenital atresia of the external auditory canal on the right
Ashesh Bhumkar
Meet Tahmina, 7 years. Two years ago before surgery was diagnosed with right-sided microtia (small ear) and atresia of the auditory canal (stenosis).

We Tahmina met in the Centre of maternal and child health, Nur-Sultan, then it, together with its co-brothers-in lugs was among the first who applied for a quota on foreign treatment and got into the coveted list.

November 2017. This was the first workshop in Kazakhstan on reconstruction of the auricle combined with the opening of the ear canal and suhuluceni operation.
1500 children and only eleven of them, who promptly applied for foreign quota.

The media attention was impressive, Khabar, Eurasia, CTC....
Then the doctor Asese of Bhumkar learned the whole of Central Asia. The calls came from everywhere, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Belarus...
"Where? next time you plan to visit? What documents are needed? Now, operations will be in Kazakhstan? And it is possible for a fee to come? As well, in Kazakhstan began to arrive leading doctors! Kazakhs well done"!

In the 11 children, 3 of them unfortunately were not candidates for surgery. Left 8.
Waiting for the meeting of the Commission for foreign treatment. It was not the expectation, feelings, comparable with the day of judgment, when the judge passes sentence for your sins, and are you waiting for, if you're lucky your baby to get high tech expensive operation due to the state budget, but is free for your child. It is not just chance, it is Russian roulette.

By evening, the verdict came in - 4 kids! Surnames. Tahmini not in the list...

The Tahmina haven't been discharged from the hospital, she watched as brought from the operating children, with his head bandaged and wrapped the ear. Cared and tried not to make noise ) because one of the children after surgery, asked to close the door in the house because of the sounds in the ear canal, of course they brought a little inconvenience )

I went to the house to Tahmina and I said, "aunt Malika, I have no ear?". Her eyes became sad.

After leaving the operating doctor Uses noticed in the hallway a little girl who opened the door of his friends catheters and bandaged ears.
The doctor said to prepare for tomorrow surgery.

So the good doctor from India have donated Tominaka the ability to hear with both ears!

The results of the operation: two years later – the improvement of hearing from 70 to 40 decibels. With 3 degrees of conductive hearing loss in children before the first class (almost the norm), ABR. A healthy ear can hear 20 decibels.
During the operation produced a total prosthesis of the middle ear. Fixed atresia of the ear canal.
Good result!

Sincerely, OO Microtia and atresia
Alexei, Eleven
Microtia on the right, complete atresia of the auditory canal on the right. Conductive hearing loss III degree on the right.
Ashesh Bhumkar
Meet Alex for 11 years, from his birth right was absent Pinna and ear canal. He heard only one of the left ear. It would seem like Alex in Kazakhstan about 1,500 children. 90% of them are unilateral diagnosis, but it happened to him one MIRACLE!!!

During the consultation with the Indian doctor Uses of Bhumkar put Alesha disappointing verdict! Not a candidate. That is, Alyosha inside the middle ear must be the auditory ossicles by vibration and movement convey sound waves to the cochlea. Alesha, they are completely absent. The diagnosis of congenital microtia and ear canal atresia may be accompanied by hypoplasia of the auditory ossicles, or their complete absence.

The parents of Alesha, after a disappointing verdict and slash hope bought a ticket back home in Ust-Kamenogorsk, with the cruel idea that the child will not be able to hear. They tried to behave steadfastly and indestructible. Alesha's mom is with her husband came for consultation to Astana with the whole family, the youngest son - brother Alyosha tiny and cute daughter.
An hour later, after the whole family Alyosha was in a hurry to fly home, I get a call...the doctor Uses calls them back...he said there was a chance of his own invention - a silicon tube.

Question answer

The opening of the ear canal and restore hearing is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring conduction of mechanical sound energy. Normal audio requires an intact tympanic membrane, mobile and intact chain of auditory ossicles and transmitting energy to the base plate, which covers the oval window.
The operation requires the creation of a bone canal, correct any malformations of the auditory ossicles, reconstruction of the eardrum and creating connection through the skin to the channel and align it with the flat planar epithelium.
The effectiveness of treatment is assessed by the dynamics of the audiometric parameters.
Reconstruction of the ear.
There are several methods of ear reconstruction: an artificial graft, cadaveric graft, autologous reconstruction of the costal cartilages.
The ear canal atresia - lack of development of the external auditory canal. This is a congenital defect and is often accompanied by anomalies such as the middle ear and outer ear.
Another birth defect is microtia, which is an abnormal growth or underdevelopment of the outer ear. Microtia can vary from slight to severe deviation (a small symptom of the skin or cartilage which is the only sign of the presence there of the ear). Microtia often occurs along with atresia, atresia but can also be isolated, and in this case the external ear looks normal, except for the lack of the ear canal.
In most cases of atresia bone plate separates the outer ear from the ear, leading to hearing loss. In cases of complete atresia absent external auditory meatus and a complete obstruction of the external opening of the skin. In other cases of atresia may be a small, undeveloped ear canal, which is already much thinner than usual. Microtia and atresia are unilateral or bilateral.

The main factors influencing the occurrence of microtia and atresia are damaging embryo exposure to toxic, infectious, less mechanical, as a rule — in the early stages of pregnancy. The most severe changes occur when the impact on the embryo pathological factor earlier than 7 weeks after the third month, much less frequently occurring pathology of the middle ear and the external auditory canal (atresia), the full formation of the ear ends to 7 month of intrauterine development after this period may not arise microtia. Often these States are combined hearing, at least — of the conduction (conduction) hearing loss due to the lack
the tympanic membrane, and often of middle ear structures. Rarer
combination with sensorineural hearing loss — disorder of the auditory
nerve. Since the development of ear is consistently atresia, usually combined
with anomalies of the auricle (approximately 75% of cases). However, the violations
in the structure of the auditory meatus can be for normal ears.
Causes of hearing loss can be divided into congenital and acquired.

Congenital causes:
Hearing loss can be caused by hereditary and non-hereditary genetic factors or by certain complications during pregnancy and childbirth, including the following:
- rubella, syphilis and some other infections in the mother during pregnancy.
- low body weight at birth;
- asphyxia at birth (lack of oxygen during labour);
- improper use of drugs (such as aminoglycosides, cytotoxic drugs, antimalarial drugs and diuretics) during pregnancy;
severe jaundice in the neonatal period, which may lead to the defeat of the auditory nerve of a newborn baby.

Acquired causes:
Acquired causes lead to hearing loss at any age.
- infectious diseases, including meningitis, measles and mumps.
- chronic infection of the ears.
- accumulation of fluid in the ear (otitis media);
- the use of certain drugs such as drugs used to treat neonatal infections, malaria, drug resistant tuberculosis and oncological diseases;
- injuries to the head or ear.
- excessive noise, including in the workplace, such as equipment or explosions.
recreational exposure to loud sounds, such as during the use of personal audio device at high volume levels and for extended periods of time and regular visits to concerts, night clubs, bars and sporting events.
aging, in particular due to degeneration of the sensory cells.
- earwax or foreign objects blocking the ear canal.
Chronic otitis media is a common cause of hearing loss among children.


Hearing aid bone conduction. The sound processor Baha® 5 Power (price in Euro)
Brand new sound processor Cochlear™ Baha® 5 Power is a surprisingly smart sound processor, providing the desired amplification of sound in any audio environment
The Baha 5 in softband
The Baha5 in softband is designed specifically for infants and toddlers and is an ideal first step for children not yet ready for an implant. It provides young children with excellent hearing performance and the amplification they need to facilitate language development on par with their hearing peers.
Soft bandage BAHA® SOFTBAND unilateral (price in Euro)
The brace is designed for children, ideal as a first step before the upcoming surgery.
The band can be equipped with one processor.
Soft bandage BAHA® SOFTBAND two-way (price in Euro)
The brace is designed for children, ideal as a first step before the upcoming surgery.
The band can be equipped with two processors
Ear BAHA® SOUNDARC unilateral (price in Euro)
Shackle SoundArc will allow you to comfortably enjoy the benefits of the Baha system 5, and this will allow you to look stylish
Ear BAHA® SOUNDARC bilateral (price in Euro)
Shackle SoundArc will allow you to comfortably enjoy the benefits of the Baha system 5, and this will allow you to look stylish
A soft magnetic plate (24 pack). Price is in Euros
For maximum comfort, the cleat attached to the external magnet, uniformly alleviates pressure.

Compatible with magnets systems:
Baha 5 Power
Baha 5
Baha 4
Baha 3 Power (BP110)
Baha 3 (BP100).
The batteries 312 type for Baha 5 (price in Euro)
In pack 60 PCs, If you consider that hearing aid for replacement of each battery is provided once a week, then 60 PCs should be enough for one year
Battery (Power one, Signia) type 675 implant plus power Baha 5 (price in Euro)
Battery for cochlear implant and hearing aid size 675 implant plus in the range.
Working with Baha 5 power
This type of batteries is specially designed for implantable systems. Batteries for cochlear implants of the German manufacturers that have long service life

Price listed is for 1 package (60 PCs)

In stock can be different battery manufacturers: Power One, Signia etc.
Magnet (2) for processors Baha (SP Magnet 2). Price is in Euros
The inner and outer magnets create an invisible connection between your sound processor and implant. This section contains information on how to connect your sound processor to the magnets and the optimal care of an external magnet.
Safety cord Baha (price in Euro)
During active sessions, when there is a risk of losing the sound processor, it is recommended to use the safety strap. Insert the lace in place fastening on the housing of the sound processor and attach it to your clothing.

Note. Children should always use the safety lanyard while wearing your sound processor Baha.

Compatible with the following systems:
• Baha 5
• Baha 5 SuperPower
• Baha 4
• Baha 3
• Baha Divino
• Baha Intenso.
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